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Teen ‘expelled from school for being gay’

Headmaster allegedly told boy's mum: "I'm doing what Jesus would want".

By Jamie Tabberer

A teen was expelled from his US school for being gay, according to reports.

Devin Bryant, a pupil at the Covenant Christian Academy in Colleyville, was preparing to enter his final year when he heard the news.

His sister attended before he had, meaning his family had a 20-year affiliation with the private school.

Days before term began, Bryant’s mother Consolata received a phonecall from the school’s headmaster.

“Jesus would not do what you’re doing?”

According to the Dallas Voice, the mum asked the headmaster: “Are you a Christian? Jesus would not do what you are doing.”

The headmaster allegedly replied: “I am doing what Jesus would do,” before offering Consolata counselling.

Straight A student Devin, who came out as gay last year, told the publication: “People said they are there for me; they were proud of me for making the decision to come out,” adding “people in the administration knew […] I think they were ignoring it.”

Students at the school are invited to decorate their own parking spaces, with Devin personalising his with the (totally fierce) slogan: “Super Hot, Fun, Attractive, Fast-driving, Insane, Very Smart, Outgoing, Party Freak, Young, Gay (as in happy don’t worry lol), Pretty, Reckless, Humble, Pyromaniac, Fun, Gay (as in homosexual this time, sorry) Person Parking Only.”

After receiving pushback for the parking space, Devin says he believes he was expelled to made an example of.

“If another queer kid comes out [at Covenant Christian Academy], I’m scared for them,” he added.

Attitude has contacted Covenant Christian Academy in Colleyville for comment.

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