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Russian Embassy in the UK tweets picture depicting Europeans are pride flag-waving pigs

By Josh Lee

Russia have sparked outrage after their UK embassy tweeted a photo that implied Europeans were Pride flag-flying pigs on Saturday (October 22)

As tensions rise between Russia and the West, the embassy uploaded a photo to their official Twitter page with the caption, “If Russia is in decline, why worry? Maybe, real worry is West’s decline and that we manage things better?” The photo shows a bear wearing a t-shirt with Russia on it, flexing in front of what some believe to be a depiction of a concentration camp, filled with pigs, a Eurozone flag and a Pride flag.



The Russian Embassy told the metro that the only person who can comment on the photo is the artist, adding: “We can’t otherwise explain all the ado about Russia minding its business relatively well and managing several international crises at the same time.”