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Rare Louise tracks surface online

By Sam Rigby


Three rare Louise tracks appeared online earlier today (January 20).

The songs, titled Download, In Tears and What’s Gonna Go Down, found their way onto Louise’s official YouTube channel this morning, sparking rumours that she could be plotting a pop comeback.

Unfortunately, our hopes were quickly dashed after a spokesperson for the former Eternal star confirmed that they are unused tracks from the singer’s planned 2004 album. The tracks were later removed from YouTube.

Louise’s spokesperson told Attitude: “They are from a recording session from around 2003. They have been on her YouTube for a while but were re-loaded with better sound quality this morning.”

Louise notched up nine UK Top Ten hits as a solo artist, the most recent of which, Pandora’s Kiss, came out in 2003.

Eternal members Kelle Bryan, Easther Bennett and Vernie Bennett recently reunited to take part in the second series of ITV2’s The Big Reunion, which will air later this year.

Louise – who left the group to pursue a solo career in 1995 – chose not to reunite with the trio for the reality series.

Watch the music video for Louise’s Stuck In The Middle With You below:

[youtube height=”315″ width=”560″][/youtube]