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Jack Mackenroth writes powerful ‘thank you’ letter to Trump: ‘The worst president in history’

The 'Project Runway' star and HIV activist and went OFF.

By Jamie Tabberer

Jack Mackenroth has “thanked” Trump for his four years as US President in powerful (and highly ironic) open letter.

Writing for MeansHappy this week, the HIV activist and OnlyFans star’s 808-word diatribe ends with him endorsing Democrat nominee Joe Biden for President.

Trump and Biden go head to head in the polls on 3 November 2020.

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In the letter, Jack – who rose to fame on TV show Project Runway – says: “Thank you for making the United States the most unhealthy, 1st world country in the world by cutting healthcare, letting Covid-19 go unchecked which MASSIVELY contributed to the mental health issues of this nation.

“We are more anxious, scared and depressed than ever.”

Elsewhere, he adds “Thank you for treating women as objects, free for ‘pussy grabbing’ 24/7 [and] thank you for your massive support for the LGBTQ community. Specifically for removing trans folks from the military when experts advised against it.”

Donald Trump became the President of the United States in 2016 (Picture: Wiki)

The 51-year-old signs off by saying: “This is your legacy. You will be remembered as the WORST president in history. If you ram through a new Supreme Court Justice it will amplify just how black-hearted you are.”

Mackenroth’s comments follow this week’s bombshell New York Times report claiming Trump paid just $750 in tax the year he was elected.

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