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ISIS throw another allegedly gay man to his death

By Josh Haggis

Terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has thrown a man off a roof after he was allegedly found guilty of having a “homosexual affair”.

The group – who inflict a wide range of punishments on those it believes have infringed on Islamic law – allegedly executed two men in the same manner last month (January) after claiming they had evidence the men were gay.

LGBT Rights

Now, pictures of a new execution – which have chosen not to publish – have appeared online. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the man was killed in the midst of an ISIS stronghold after being charged with having an affair with another man.

The victim, who was blindfolded and thrown from the highest point in Tal Abyad, managed to survive the fall. However, the crowd that had gathered to witness the execution then circled around the man and stoned him to death.

Following a similar execution last month, in which two allegedly gay men were thrown to their deaths from a building, the International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission and the women’s group MADRE have released a join statement claiming that ISIS may be labelling such executed men as “gay” simply to “discredit” them:

“To assume that the executions were for sodomy solely on the basis of information from the Islamic State is dangerous. Without evidentiary basis or independent confirmation, this sweeping allegation could be applied to anyone the Islamic State seeks to discredit—including human rights activists and anyone opposed to the Islamic State. Accusing opponents of homosexuality is a tried and true tool used to discredit political adversaries throughout the world.”

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