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Horrifying pictures show ISIS terrorists throwing ‘gay’ man from rooftop

By Ross Semple

ISIS have released a set of horrifying images that show members of the terrorist group throwing a man off a rooftop because they believed him to be gay.

The images come from Deir Ezzor, a city in eastern Syria where Sharia law is implemented, as reported by AMN. ISIS is currently cracking down on the city’s citizens in the wake of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) entering Deir Ezzor in an attempt to relieve an army garrison and rescue trapped civilians.

The extremely disturbing images depict a man, whom the terrorists deemed to be gay, being thrown off the roof of a building to his death.

The images below may cause distress

The rest of the images released by the terrorist group show similar acts of brutality. A thief has his hand cut off, people receive lashings for pre-marital sex, and a man is executed for apostasy.

This is just the latest example of the horrifying treatment of gay men by ISIS, whose members routinely murder men suspected of being gay. Last year, a former member of the group alleged that gay men are raped by ISIS members as ‘punishment’ for their homosexuality.

“During the three months I spent in the ranks of ISIS, I saw the worst things one can imagine on the face of the Earth,” Kamandar Bakhtiar revealed to the United Arab Emirate’ Alaan TV in September last year.

“They kill and behead innocent people, plunder the property of regular people, and they do the worst possible things, such as raping homosexuals.”