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Hawaiian pizza – heaven or hell? Ooni Pizza Ovens survey results fuel foodie debate

Will the debate about pineapple pizza finally be settled on International Hawaiian Pizza Day?

By Will Stroude

In partnership with Ooni Pizza Ovens

It’s the question that divides communities and households across the land, but the results of a new survey might just be about to settle the age-old question: does pineapple belong on a pizza?

While the idea of fruit on a pizza has long been some people’s idea of food hell, others can’t get enough of the heavenly sweet ‘n salty taste of pineapple and ham on a Hawaiian pizza.

Now, to mark International Hawaiian Pizza Day, Ooni Pizza Ovens have released the results of a new survey that’s letting us all know where the country’s loyalty really lies.

In figures that are surely set to add fuel to the (pizza oven) fire, it seems that the majority of people are all for pineapple on pizza, so Hawaiian is most definitely be on the menu during your homemade pizza night.

The the survey carried out on Ooni Pizza Ovens’ social media found that 58% of people are in favour of pineapple on pizza while 42% deem it just wrong.

In honour of this most divisive of debates on International Hawaiian Pizza Day – held to mark the birthday of the dish’s creator, Canadian chef Sam Panopoulos, Ooni Pizza Ovens has also launched its own mockumentary featuring a range of chefs, celebrities and passionate pizza people including TV presenter Louis Theroux.

The short film highlights the creation of Hawaiian pizza in the early Sixties by Panopoulos, who was inspired by Chinese sweet and savoury flavour pairings and just why the pizza recipe causes so much controversy.

Kristian Tapaninaho, Ooni Pizza Ovens CEO and founder, said: “It’s hard to determine exactly what’s behind the animosity toward pineapple on pizza. However, simply throwing raw chunks of pineapple onto a pizza is never going to taste superb, even if you’re a fan of Hawaiian pizza like myself.

“Ooni Pizza Ovens’ Hawaiian Pizza recipe uses juicy, flame cooked pineapple and salty cured ham or bacon.

“We are delighted to have reignited a discussion through our film and survey and hope everyone enjoys the celebrations and debate during Hawaiian Pizza Day!”

Darina Garland, Ooni Pizza Ovens Co-founder, said: “Many pizza lovers reject pineapple as a topping on the basis of authenticity. We’re all for GREAT PIZZA and healthy debate at Ooni and welcome the passion that inevitably erupts when the Hawaiian is discussed!”

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