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Gus Kenworthy and boyfriend Matt Wilkas got tattoos to remember their dog Beemo

The couple rescued the dog from a Korean meat farm but tragically she passed away in May

By Steve Brown

Gus Kenworthy and his boyfriend Matt Wilkas got tattoos of their dog Beemo who tragically passed away this year.

The freestyle skier and boyfriend saved the dog from a South Korean meat farm in Pyeongchang during the Winter Olympics.

The couple adopted the dog, named her Beemo and set up her own social media accounts. 

However, the pup suffered from health complications. Beemo’s heart was too big for her body, leading her lungs to deteriorate. 

The couple only spotted the defect when they took her to the vets because she had stopped eating. And in May 26, Kenworthy revealed the pup had died. 

But they both promised to get tattoos to remember their dog forever and during their stay in London over New Year’s, the couple immortalised Beemo on their skin.

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Writing on Instagram, Kenworthy said: “Like everybody, my year had a lot of ups-and-downs. One of my biggest highlights came while I was in Korea.

“Just being there, competing in my second Winter Olympics (this time out and proud), was a highlight in and of itself but moreso than that was what happened the day after I competed.

“Matt and I had a gut-wrenching visit to a dog meat farm where we meet and adopted our first dog, Beemo and also witnessed the birth of our other pup, Birdie.

“Although our time with Beemo was short she changed our lives and stole our hearts. After her unexpected passing we pledged that we would get tattoos in her honor.

“I brought Matt to London for New Year’s and surprised him with appointments for us to finally get our tattoos done by a really talented artist that I love, @nichlashaldtattoo! Nic is the sweetest and the cutest – definitely check him out!

“I couldn’t be happier with how the portraits turned out and I am immensely proud to have a little bit of Beemo living on with us forever!”