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Gay man who voluntarily went to gay conversion therapy speaks out about the ‘treatment’

Gabriel Nadeau had to go to the therapy three seperate times

By Steve Brown

A gay man who went through conversion therapy voluntarily has spoken out about the “treatment”.

Gabriel Nadeau, who ins from Quebec, rejected his sexuality from a young age and after coming out to his religious parents when he was 12, he asked to attend gay conversion therapy as he didn’t want to be gay.

He told CBC Breakaway’s Kim Garrity: “I didn’t want to be gay. Being Christian and being gay was not an option in my community.

“Some Christians believe that homosexuality is a demon, so basically you need to go through an exorcism session to be free of homosexuality.”

During the therapy, Nadeau recalled he was held down to a table by four people as a way to “contain” him in order to release the “homosexuality spirit” inside him.

He was forced to drink olive oil before the pastor shouted words in his ears for about 30 minutes.

Despite having his first treatment when he was 12, he had to attend two more times, when he was 16 and again at 18.

But now, Nadeau has come to terms with his sexuality and wants people to know that gay conversion therapy is still happening.

He said: “I want those people to know that it’s OK to be who they are. I just wish that they stop rejecting themselves, and [start] loving themselves and loving who they want to love.”