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Gay couple’s home vandalised, neighbours insists it isn’t homophobia

By Fabio Crispim

A gay couple in Chester County, Pennsylvania woke up to a very nasty and homophobic surprise last June.

Keith Davis woke up and found that his ‘neighbours’ had written “get out f*gs” in red paint on his garage door.

Keith Davis and partner, David Ruth, have been embroiled in a legal battle with their neighbours for several months over a 6-foot high fence surrounding their garden.

Apparently the neighbours didn’t like it, but now it seems the fence isn’t the only thing bothering the neighbours.

Speaking to NBC, Davis reveals how he was driving Ruth’s nephews to summer camp when he saw the graffiti and says he “put the garage doors up” so the kids wouldn’t see it.

“Thank God I saw it and was able to,” he adds.

Keith Davis and partner

The neighbours however, insist that the lawsuit has nothing to do with the couple’s sexuality, even after the homophobic vandalism.

Davis reveals that their fence was “violently broken up” and their security system destroyed five times.

According to Gay Star News a judge ruled in favour of the couple and said the matter was clearly about “more than a fence”.

Despite winning, the lawsuit has cost them their life savings.

“Even now after winning our case we may still have no choice but to leave our home behind,” the couple write on their GoFundMe page.

The couple also had plans to marry this year and Ruth’s nephews who were placed in the couple’s custody after social services removed them from their parents’ care.

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