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Gay couple stabbed for holding hands while celebrating their year anniversary

The couple had been out celebrating at a gay club in Denver

By Steve Brown

A gay couple were stabbed outside a nightclub while celebrating their year anniversary.

Gabriel Roman and his boyfriend Chris Huizar were walking home from a gay bar in Denver, Colorado, when they heard someone scream at them while they walked passed an alleyway, Gay Star News reported.

Huizar said he heard the man yell “fucking f****ts” before he was stabbed in the neck with what he thinks was a pocket knife.

His boyfriend then pushed him out of the way to protect him but was stabbed in the hand and when they turned to run away, Roman was stabbed in the back.

They managed to get away and ran until they collapsed. Luckily passersby noticed them and called an ambulance.

Huizar said: “I was just worried about my boyfriend because he bled so much.”

“We don’t care what anybody else has to say so we always hold hands and be ourselves in public. We’re here and queer.”

Roman received 30 internal stitches and 52 more in his hand.

“We are not letting this define us,” Huizar added. “We love each other and wouldn’t want this to happen to anyone. I’m just thankful we’re alive.”

In an Instagram post, Huizar wrote: “I almost lost my HUSBAND last night [a]s I held him in my arms while he almost bled to death.

“Why? Because we were being who we are! Because we were holding hands in public! It’s 2018 EVERYONE IS FUCKEN GAY now a days [sic]”