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Doritos México celebrates queer love in latest advert

The fifth instalment of the Pride All Year campaign is a real tear-jerker!

By Emily Maskell

Doritos México
Doritos México celebrates queer love for Valentine’s Day (Image: Doritos México)

Doritos México is celebrating queer love in an advert featuring an adorable lesbian couple just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Simply shot but with a powerful resolve, ‘Bold Love’ is a poignant mix of heartwarming and heartbreaking.

It’s the latest in the brand’s #OrgulloTodoElAño (Pride All Year) campaign, designed to make the LGBTQ community visible beyond Pride month.

The video begins with two women’s hands interlocking, they’re on a late-night road trip as the conversation steers toward their future together.

Snacking on the name-brand chip, the couple talks about everyday acts of love that are defiant in their context. 

Despite their fear of discrimination, love conquers all.

“I love you so much,” the woman in the passenger seat declares. “I would lower that moon and stars for you.”

The poetic pronouncement is followed up by some even more earnest assertions.

She adds: “I went out with you regardless of the looks or what might happen.” Despite Mexico’s anti-discrimination laws that have been in place since 2003, anti-LGBT violence remains a pressing issue. 

“I would introduce you to my whole family as my girlfriend even if my grandmother and father stopped talking to me,” the woman continues. 

The promise is met with a moment of solemn realisation. 

Such a simple statement highlights the continued challenge the worldwide LGBTQ+ community face due to who they love.

76% of the LGBT+ community avoids showing signs of affection in public.

“I would marry you… even if there weren’t half the guests,” is the line that is especially heartbreaking. The car grows silent as they both realise the implications. 

Same-sex marriage has been recognised nationally across Mexico since last year. However, family-building opportunities like adoption by same-sex couples and surrogacy access are still pending.

The ad ends with some heartbreaking statistics about LGBTQ discrimination and about LGBTQ people being evicted from their homes.

Bringing the video back into a grounded context: 76% of the LGBT+ community avoids showing signs of affection in public. The data comes from the Survey on Discrimination for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity reasons.

Doritos’ Pride All Year campaign began in December 2021 for Christmas with ‘The Best Gift’.

In the Christmas-themed video, a father turns to Reddit for advice on how to address the subject of his son’s same-sex relationship.

After ‘The Best Gift’, the brand followed up with similarly heartfelt stories for Mother’s Day, Day of the Dead, and Father’s Day.