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Christian preacher said US government should ‘execute’ all gay people

Matt Powell admitted he believes in humane putting to death

By Steve Brown

A young preacher has said the US government should “execute” all gay people.

Matt Powell, 22, was interviewed by YouTube personality Skylar Fiction on his channel where the young preacher revealed his disgust at the LGBT community and even condemned them all to death.

He said: “As far as homosexuality goes, you know, I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it. I believe it’s disgusting.”

Fiction then goes on to ask: “You don’t believe that gay people should be stoned to death, do you?”

To which Powell – who also hosts a YouTube channel – replied: “I believe the Bible puts the death penalty on it.

“Obviously, not by me or anybody in a regular society, obviously. I believe it’s the government’s job to execute criminals.

“I believe that the Bible says clearly that homosexuality is criminal crime. It’s a crime. It’s one of the worst crimes ever.”

After his shocking comments, Fiction then poses the questions whether he is advocating for the US government to “stone” gay people “to death”.

Powell then replied: “By whatever means they execute people. And obviously, I believe in humane, you know, putting to death.

“That’s what the Bible says. I believe the Bible. I didn’t write the Bible.”