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Chris Hemsworth comes out in support of same-sex marriage ahead of Australian vote

By Will Stroude

Chris Hemsworth has urged Australians to vote in favour of same-sex marriage as the country gears up for an unprecedented public poll on the issue of gay equality.

The Hollywood hunk, 34, said that marriage should be “available to everyone” as he took to social media to encourage Aussies at home and abroad to register to take part in the vote before Thursday’s deadline (August 24).

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, Chris wrote: “Dear open minded, free speaking, laid back, life loving aussies. Marriage is about love and commitment and, in a country based on equal citizenship, it should be available to everyone!

The Thor star added: “Vote now for marriage equality”.

Chris’s public message of support for the LGBT+ community comes as the Australian government prepares to spend $122 million on a legally non-binding vote asking the public whether gay couples should have the right to tie the knot or not.

Australia’s upcoming vote will see citizens at home and abroad who are aged 18 before August 24 – the registration deadline – answer the question: ‘Should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry?’

The vote is not a plebiscite, and therefore citizens will not be compelled to vote and the result is not binding on politicians.


Those wishing to vote are encouraged to return their voting forms by  October 27, while ballots received after November 7 will not be counted. The result is expected to be made public on November 15.

Australians living in the UK who wish to vote must enrol by midnight Thursday 24 August (Australian time) and can do so .

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