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Anglican Church in Canada approves same-sex marriage after vote miscount

By Will Stroude

There’s been a reversal of fortunes for Canada’s LGBT community after the Anglican Church discovered that it had in fact voted for same-sex marriage.

It originally appeared as though the church had rejected marriage equality by just one vote during the 2016 General Synod. However, a number of church representatives came forward shortly after to say their ballots had not been recorded during the vote, according to reports in The Guardian.

In light of the confusion, a hard copy of the voting record was ordered, at which point the Church discovered that it had in fact passed the resolution to support same-sex marriage.

In an interview with CBC Radio, gay Anglican priest Allison Courey, said “I’m very happy, I’m excited, I’m relieved for the future of our church and for our young people”.

She, along with other members of the Church took to Twitter to celebrate:

Canada has legally recognized same-sex civil marriages since 2005, but has legislation in place to allow religious groups to decide which marriages they would bless.

Prior to the recount, the archbishop of Toronto along with other prominent church leaders declared that they would bless same-sex marriages despite the bill being defeated.

After the recount, representatives from the Church took to YouTube to explain the voting mishap: