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Drag Race UK’s Crystal: Drag is about sweating and being tough

The East London queen stars in the exclusive Pride Inside, sponsored by Gymshark series

By Dale Fox

Crystal from Drag Race UK against a pink background with Pride Inside logo
RuPaul's Drag Race UK star Crystal has shared her wellbeing journey in Pride Inside, sponsored by Gymshark (Image: Markus Bidaux)

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK star Crystal has shared her story of physical wellbeing and general fabulousness, in the exclusive Pride Inside, sponsored by Gymshark series.

Speaking to us from London’s GRNDHOUSE, the Series 1 stunner said: “Drag isn’t just about looking pretty. It’s also about sweating in latex clothing.

“In my show, I hang from the ceiling doing stunts, tricks, and if I’m really unlucky, flips.”

The modest and retiring East London wallflower added: “I started training aerial circus because, frankly, I wanted a hot circus body. And then I realised I could do it for attention as well, so I started incorporating it into my drag act.”

Sharing her fitness secrets like a modern day Green Goddess (if you’re under 30, Google her – you’ll thank yourself), Crystal told us: “To stay active, I go to the gym, I train circus, and honestly, potter around in a pair of heels. Have you seen my calves?”

Speaking about recent pushbacks against drag artists and the LGBTQ+ community, Crystal said: “Drag is a form of protest. It is so important to remind people that it’s OK to be gender non-confirming, that it’s OK to be visibly queer in the world.”

Pride Inside, sponsored by Gymshark is part of the Pride with Attitude digital festival. In the coming weeks, we’ll also see appearances from fitness entrepeuner Connor Minney and professional athlete Michael Gunning.

The series aims to raise money for the Attitude Magazine Foundation for LGBTQ+ causes. To donate £3, £5, £10 or £20 to the Attitude Magazine Foundationtext PWA3, PWA5, PWA10 or PWA20 to 70580. You can also click here to donate to the AMF online.