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Kylie Minogue talks anxiety battle and why ‘Golden’ is her most personal album yet

The Aussie pop princess gets personal in Attitude's May Issue.

By Will Stroude

Over her 30 years in the music industry, Kylie Minogue has garnered a reputation for being one of pop’s most resiliant superstars.

But as she prepares to release fourteenth studio album Golden next month, the Aussie pop princess has given her revealing interview to date, in which she explains why she’s so protective of her private life, opens up about her battle with anxiety, and why her new album is her most personal yet.

In an exclusive interview in Attitude’s May Issue – available to download, in shops from Thursday (March 29) and with a second special cover featuring Ricky Martin – Kylie speaks candidly about the ongoing struggle with anxiety that hides behind the famously perky façade.

“There are a lot of voices in my head. I guess part of that is our brains, they’re problem solvers, tick tick tick tick tick…” she explains.

“[When I’m feeling anxious] I put the kettle on and make a cup of tea… But if I knew the answer I would do it and I would have no anxiety…

“They say that the fast track to happiness is gratitude and it’s true, just think that thought.”

Despite grappling with her emotions on a daily basis, the 49-year-old ‘Dancing’ singer has shunned professional support in favour of a more traditional method of healing.

“There’s enough discussion in my head. I probably would benefit from [counseling] but I don’t really like it…” she admits.

“My 98-year-old grandma said years ago: ‘What you need to is lie flat, and you put your arms up and you just lie like that for 10 minutes’.

“And she’s so right, so I will. On a video day, during lunch I’ll go, ‘Right, phone off, dim the lights,’ and try and just be still.”

Kylie was working on the country-inspired Golden as her engagement to British actor and Galavant star Joshua Sasse ended just over a year ago, but the singer insists there’s no bitterness on the new record.

“I’m not writing from a place of heartbreak” she reveals. “I was a bit broken, I wasn’t feeling very strong at a certain point, and we’ve all been there, we know what that’s like.”

The Attitude Legend Award winner continues: “But I tend to bounce back pretty quickly, I’m pragmatic about stuff. It’s looking rationally, with heart, with humour, to where I’m at…

“I hope you can feel on the album there’s no blame, I’m not hanging on to anything.

“I’m just taking a really good look at where I think I am in my life.”

Check out Kylie’s full shoot and read her exclusive interview the Attitude’s May Issue, which also comes with second cover featuring Ricky Martin. Buy in print, subscribe or download.