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Dr Ranj explains the meaning of queer terms ‘Size Queen’, ‘Trade’ and ‘Daddy’ – WATCH

"This is what I've been described as - and I'm definitely not!"

By Will Stroude

Dr Ranj Singh is used used to doling out medical advice on both This Morning and in the pages of Attitude, and it turns out ebverybody’s favourite TV doctor is also a dab hand when it comes explaining both the slang and official terms used in the LGBTQ community.

Our recent TV Award winner, 40, shows off the depth and breadth of his gay lingo as he’s put to the test in episode two of Attitude’s LGBTQ Slang Challenge, a new digital series which challenges stars’ knowledge of the queer phrases you know, and the ones you don’t.


As Dr Ranj spells out the meaning of words including ‘cisgender’ and ‘intersex’, there are illumination answers as he tackles less, erm, scientific terms including ‘Size Queen’, ‘Trade’, ‘Daddy’ and even ‘Bubble Butt’ – something the current Attutitude over star jokes he “wishes [he] had.”

So there are two definitions for ‘Trade’, as far as I’m aware,” Ranj laughs. “Trade firstly is somebody or someone who is an object of sexual desire

“Trade is also someone who identifies as quite masculine and slightly ‘rougher’. Russell Tovey is quite trade-y, I would say – if that’s even a word!”

Attitude’s LGBTQ Slang Challenge – which will see new episodes released each Wednesday on YouTube – also sees Ranj admit he’s been called a ‘daddy’ in the past – though he might not see it himself.

“This is what I’ve been described as – and I’m definitely not!” he laughs after being challenged to define the phrase.

“This is somebody who is older, a guy, a good-looking.

“An even better word than that is ‘zaddy’, which is a good-looking daddy.”


Well Ranj, if you are going to be called a ‘daddy’, we’re officially declaring you a ‘zaddy’ right here.

Make sure you don’t miss an episode of Attitude’s LGBTQ Slang Challenge by subscribing to our YouTube here and be sure to catch last week’s episode with Christine and the Queens, as the French ‘Girlfriend’ singer attempts to work out the meaning of the term ‘Spaghetti Girl’…

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