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Cameron Dallas shocks fans with body transformation

The YouTube star has documented his startling transformation on Instagram, and the fans weren't happy

By Fabio Crispim

Cameron Dallas shocked fans over the weekend when he appeared to debut a brand new look.

The 23-year-old model and actor documented his recent transformation on Instagram, and his millions of followers didn’t take lightly to it.

It started when Dallas shaved his head, dyed his hair pink and began to grow a beard. In a new Instagram snap, the star also showed off a smattering of tattoos all over his torso and face.

Alongside the image, Dallas wrote: “Sorry mum”.

The image worried his fans who questioned what he had done and dramatically claimed he had “ruined” his body.

Others said they wanted the “old” Cameron back.

However, the social media star later confirmed that the tattoos were actually fake. Who knew social media stars do things for the attention? Shocked.

Wishing his mum a happy birthday, Dallas wrote: “Happy birthday to the best mum in the world!! Thank you for putting up with my crazy self… Even when I decide to come home covered in (fake) tats. Took her to get her nails done because it’s the least she deserves!”

Now all those upset fans can take a breather, they’ve got the old Cameron back.