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Ben Affleck gets naked in Batman v Superman deleted shower scene – WATCH

By Attitude Magazine

Batman v Superman 

might have divided the critics, but a scene that didn’t make the blockbuster movie’s final cut might have gone some way to getting the naysayer’s on side.

Why? Three words: Ben Affleck’s butt.

The Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Ultimate Edition DVD contains 30 minutes of deleted scenes, one of which shows Affleck’s Bruce Wayne stripping off for a typically brooding shower.

Affleck’s no stranger to disrobing in the name of his art, having famously gone full-frontal for his role in 2014’s psychological thriller Gone Girl.

Why is was cut from the final edit, we have no idea. But we’re understandably grateful that Batman’s behind is finally being given the airing it deserves.

YOU’RE WELCOME, BITCHES. #BenAffleck #Batfleck #BatmanvSuperman #UltimateEdition #BruceWayne #BvS

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Obviously, the real question is whether Affleck’s shower scene tops Henry Cavill’s bath scene…

YOU’RE WELCOME! Again.. I will never be okay after this. #HenryCavill #ClarkKent #BenAffleck #Clois #BatmanvSuperman #BvS #ClarkKent

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And if that’s not enough to help you make up your mind, perhaps you should take a look at our ultimate battle of the hunks as we pit the pair’s hottest ever moments against each other – click here to see more.

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