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Lady Gaga’s producer has bad news about the Artpop sequel

“Don’t ask me about it. Don’t talk to me about it.”

By Emily Maskell

Lady Gaga and DJ White Shadow worked on Artpop together
performing 'Artpop' during her Artpop Ball tour at the O2, in London and DJ White Shadow (Image: WikiCommons)

It’s official: the dream of a sequel to Lady Gaga’s iconic 2013 Artpop is dead.

Producer-DJ White Shadow, has drawn a line in the sand writing on Saturday (15 April) “No longer talking about ARTPOP,” on his Instagram story.

“I am officially finished. Don’t ask me about it. Don’t talk to me about it,” he also said.

Allegedly, he also deleted all of his posts that reference the album.

The EDM and synth-pop album is one of Mother Monster’s most iconic works.

Artpop was released nearly a decade ago – November 2013. DJ White Shadow produced ‘Applause,’ ‘Do What U Want,’ ‘Jewels N’ Drugs,’ ‘MANiCURE,’ ‘Sexxx Dreams,’ ‘Swine,’ ‘Venus’ and the title track.

An ambitious follow-up to 2011’s Born This Way, Artpop failed to reach the same mainstream success as her previous records.

Things seemed to reach peak drama when, in 2019, Gaga sent the now-deleted tweet “I don’t remember ARTPOP.”

In 2021, DJ White Shadow increased anticipation for the mythical Artpop: Act II in several interviews.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, in 2021, the DJ also reflected that the Artpop era was “a hard time” for Gaga.

“I am sure she will be okay with revisiting it one day and building on it when the time is right,” he added.

“I will continue to push for those songs you want so badly…” He also added: “I hope you will get to hear them.”

This sparked a petition with over 55,000 signatures demanding the release of Act II.

For now, it’s farewell to Artpop part two.