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Mae Muller wants Rina Sawayama collab after being ‘pitted against each other’ over Eurovision

Exclusive: “We could do a bad b**ch pop power moment"

By Charlotte Manning

Mae Muller and Rina Sawyama
Mae has teased a potential collab with Rina (Image: BBC/Supplied)

Mae Muller has revealed Rina Sawayama is top of her list of fellow pop girlies she’d love to work with on a track. 

The singer, 26, is just about to release her debut album Sorry I’m Late which comes just a few months after winning over our hearts at Eurovision

Chatting to Attitude ahead of her new record, she’s shared why she’d love to collaborate with Rina, 33. 

She told us: “I would love to work with Rina Sawayama. I’ve loved her music for so long.

“Because of the whole like Eurovision thing, [a collaboration] would just be so iconic” – Mae Muller 

“I remember last time I was in LA, which was last December, I saw her live, and I just think she’s always incredible artist.”

Mae also addressed the topic of Eurovision, after it was confirmed Rina was also approached to represent the UK this year. 

The ‘This Hell’ singer was one of the artists heavily linked with the Europe-wide song contest. 

However, it’s been claimed that when Rina went back to make her interest clear, she “never heard any more” about it, and the gig instead went to Mae.

Luckily, it doesn’t seem to have fazed the ‘I Wrote A Song’ singer in her love for her fellow artist: “Because of the whole like Eurovision thing, [a collaboration] would just be so iconic. 

“People did their best to try like pit us against each other, which is so ridiculous, because we’re such different artists. 

“Also, I’d never want to even try and be in the same lane as Rina, because Rina has… created her own lane!”

She added: “I just think we could just do a fucking bad bitch pop power moment!”

“I always just want my music to be a safe space for everyone”

We’d absolutely love to see it. 

Mae went on to reaffirm her support for the LGBTQ+ community, who she says bring her “so much joy” and make up a massive part of her fanbase. 

“They’ve always been [supportive] before Eurovision, but obviously after Eurovision it was a different level in a way. I’ve always just felt so supported by them. 

“I always just want my music to be a safe space for everyone. I’ve always felt very safe in LGBTQ+ spaces. I love going to gay clubs, gay bars… that’s where I have the most fun. Being around my LGBTQ+ friends, I just feel like so accepted. 

“I feel like it’s only right that I like return that energy and I just every single time like I have a tour, I have a show I have a gig like I just want everyone to feel the love.”

She concluded: “I couldn’t have done it without them and I feel very blessed and lucky that I have that support. I just want to be able to give back and show my appreciation.”

Sorry I’m Late is released on 29 September through Universal Music and Capitol Records.