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Lost Boys & Fairies creator on chances of a second season: ‘I have a story’

"I think the story is unfinished for all the characters" says LBAF creator Dan James

By Jamie Tabberer

Lost Boys & Fairies' Sion Daniel Young and Fra Fee in Superman t-shirts
Lost Boys & Fairies' Sion Daniel Young and Fra Fee (Image: BBC One)

Hit BBC One drama Lost Boys & Fairies may get a second season, its creator has said.

The critically-acclaimed three-parter dropped on iPlayer to instant critical acclaim on 3 June 2023.

Attitude visited the set 0f the Cardiff-based drama last year, where creator and writer Dan James told us “because it’s primetime BBC One, what I really wanted to do is to tell a queer story without compromise to a mainstream audience.” That he did!

“We’ll just have to see if it gets green lit” – Daf James, creator of Lost Boys and Fairies

Now, speaking to Pink News, James has spoken promisingly of the story continuing.

“[The BBC] originally commissioned four episodes and when it came to writing the fourth, I was trying to tell the story of what happened next to Gabe and Jake,” he said. “And of course, there’s too much story there to put into one episode.

“The producer said: ‘Do you think this should just be three episodes because it finishes so beautifully where it does?’

“And also, of course with a sense of ‘Hey, this is only just beginning’ – and it is.”

James furthermore added of the adoption drama starring Fra Fee and Sion Daniel Young: “I also think the story is unfinished for all the characters. I’m not going to share what is going to happen but I do have story for more. And we’ll just have to see if it gets green lit. That would be my hope.”

James previously told Attitude of the show’s sex scenes: “We’ve had an amazing intimacy coordinator, David Thackeray. Working with David has been extraordinary. Just in terms of how comfortable he made not just the performers, but us, the crew, the set.”

In the show, Young plays a gay man hoping to be an adoptive father who is plagued with personal demons.

“That’s causing problems on every front,” he told us of the character. “He tries to sort of ignore it, but things just keep cropping up. And actually, his relationship with his dad, his relationship with Andy, his relationship with himself as a younger Gabriel rears its head, and he has to manage it.”