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Yungblud embraces his inner ‘Clueless’ as he wins Best Music Video at the NME Awards

The former Attitude cover star became Cher Horowitz for the music awards

By Steve Brown

Yungblud embraced his inner Cher Horowitz from Clueless as he took home the Best Music Video award at the NME Awards last night (February 12).

The genderfluid former Attitude cover star dressed in Alicia Silverstone’s classic yellow plaid separates from the hit 1990s film during the prestigious music awards ceremony.

During the night, Yungblud took home the award for Best Music Video, in his acceptance speech, Yungblud – real name Dominic Harrison – dedicated his award to those who have been ‘crushed in life’.

He said: “Fucking hell… My mum’s here so I can’t fucking swear.

“This is crazy. Fucking hell, look at that. I used to watch the NME Awards as a nipper, and now we’re fucking here.”

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He then directed his speech to the audience and asked: “Who camped out last night?

“I just want to fucking dedicate this to each and every one of you because that’s what fucking matters. This is fucking ours, it isn’t mine.

“I love you so fucking much man. This video was mental because we got crushed by cars and signifying if you get fucking crushed in life, you get back fucking up, alright?

“I love each and every one of you so much.”

Watch his acceptance speech below:

While covering Attitude’s September Style issue, the ‘Hope for the Underrated Youth’ singer opened up about being part of a generation who are refusing to be boxed in by traditional conceptions of gender and sexuality.

“I am more straight. [But If] I walked down the street and met a fucking bloke tomorrow, or a trans person, you never know”, he says.

“It’s about connection. I’m very fluid about it.”

“That’s why I fucking wear a dress on stage,” he explains. “We’ve been brought up with such boundaries: woman wears dress, man sees woman’s curves, you can make baby.

“Western civilisation put women in dresses and men in trousers. Before that, in medieval times, every fucker wore a dress.

“I wake up one day and want to look girly as fuck, and I’ll wake up the next and walk out of the house in a Fred Perry polo shirt looking like I’ll beat the shit of out you.

“I’ll be Anita from West Side Story then suddenly transform into Liam Gallagher.”