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Star Trek: Discovery star teases franchise’s first gay relationship

By Will Stroude

Star Trek: Discovery 

debuted on our screens last week and after two episodes we finally got to see Lieutenant Stamets, the franchise’s first openly gay character.

Much of Stamets’ storyline will revolve around studying fungus spores, the key to Starfleet’s war with the Klingons, and his “office romance” with medical officer Dr. Hugh Culber, played by Wilson Cruz.

The pair both spoke to CBS News last month, stating: “It’s the first time two human beings were born themselves and in love with each other as the same gender.”

While his relationship with medical officer Dr. Hugh Culber will not be shown until the fourth episode, Anthony Rapp, who plays Stamets, has revealed what it’s like to play the character.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Rapp said: “I’m really excited and happy when a gay character is a part of a story – especially when a gay character is created in a complex and human and non-stereotypical, interesting way, and that has certainly been the case with Stamets.”

Speaking about his character’s relationship with Culber, the actor said: “And you get to see his relationship. There was a little glimpse [of a relationship] with Sulu in Beyond, and it was a nice nod.”

“But in this case, we actually get to see me with my partner in conversation, in our living quarters, you get to see our relationship over time, treated as any other relationship would be treated.”

Rapp then revealed that his character isn’t the easiest person to get along with on the U.S.S. Discovery, saying: “He’s a really, really smart guy and as smart guys go, he sometimes can be a little difficult to deal with because not everybody’s as smart as he is.

“So he’s got a little bit of an edge sometimes, which is fun to play,” Rapp adds.

New episodes of Star Trek Discovery air on Mondays on Netflix in the UK and CBS All Access in the US.

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