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Russell Tovey grapples with fame as he dances in new classical music video – WATCH

The British actor fights his inner demons in Fabio D'Andrea's 'Something Left to Love'.

By Will Stroude

Russell Tovey is battling his inner demons through dance in a stunning new music video.

The star of Looking and Years and Years, 38, has taken on a role unlike any he’s had before for British composer Fabio D’Andrea’s new single ‘Something Left to Love’.

The video sees Tovey arrive at a red carpet, where he’s all smiles beofre disappearing into a world of mental anguish expressed through contemporary dance.

“It’s like compare and despair. Everyone does it. You look at Instagram and you don’t realise why but you suddenly feel a bit low”, Tovey says of the concept for the video.

“And you scroll back and you’re like, oh, ok, that’s tapped into one of my anxieties.

“And this film shows the story of this celebrity being photographed  and you think, ‘Wow, he’s obviously living the dream. He must be loving all this attention’.


“But the reality is on the inside he’s struggling so much, with just being alive.”

‘Something Left to Love’ is directed by D’Andrea and features on his upcoming album 24, which will see a series of stars dancing to his piano compositions, Gay Star News reports.

Tovey says his own dance, for which he took lessons at London’s famous Pineapple Studios, is a personal reflection on his own life and careeer.

“As you become an adult, you can sometimes lose touch”, he says. “And especially if you’re in the public eye you can potentially lose touch of a sense of reality and self. You see yourself only projected through other people’s opinions of you and are judged by how you look.

“This is the storyline for this character, this hyper version of where I’m at in my career. There’s a lot of anxiety that comes with being a performer.

“But at the same time, it’s about going back to when you were a child where you have all these ambitions, hopes and dreams and then when they become reality, they can get blurred, and you lose sight of what it was you went into it for, which was the fun and adventure.’”

Watch Russell Tovey in the video for Fabio D’Andrea’s ‘Something Left to Love’ below: