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Record label boss shades Katy Perry’s flop era: ‘We’ve had tough conversations’

Witness has failed to have the same impact that the star's previous albums had on the charts

By Joshua Haigh

Katy Perry’s latest era hasn’t been as well recieved as the star and her label hoped. 

The Teenage Dream singer’s LP Witness failed to have the impact on the charts compared to her previous albums, and it’s currently only spawned one worldwide hit in the form of Chained to the Rhythm. 

In fact, Katy’s latest album has sold a measly 60,000 copies in the UK, which is almost 10x less than her last album Prism. 

Her new brand of ‘woke pop’ also hasn’t gone down well on social media, and Perry’s change of image led to her being ridiculed by the general public.


In a new interview, Capitol Records boss Steve Barnett revealed that it’s been a tough pill to swallow seing one of their biggest stars underperform. 

“It’s an interesting story,” he said. “I love her and have forged a great relationship with her.”

“And so you sit down and have tough conversations with her and management,” he told Variety.

“As successful as you’ve been, you learn. Personally I’ve learned more from our mistakes than our successes and I believe our artists are in the same category as that.”

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And to be honest, we think Katy’s boss should at least credit the star with releasing one of the best songs of 2017: Bon Appetit.