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Recon presents Gunge: Getting Wet and Messy

By Darren Mew

Recon, the worlds largest fetish and kink site for me, is looking into the world of the gunge fetish.

Gunge is also known as Wet and Messy (WAM) play, which is a kink that is growing in popularity amongst fetish men.

Recon wanted to get to know more about this fetish by meeting three members at one of their session and find out more about what made it appealing.

All the members go by different names, Realto1 is the first member we meet, he describes gunge as “any messy, sticky substance” and reveals that it feels like “its like playing in a load of lube.”

Another member who goes by the username 1982Jay then goes on to explain what started his fascination with gunge: “It started off as an innocent thing, gunge was everywhere on TV as a kid and thought that looks like fun and then you hit teenage years and think ‘oh that looks like fun'”

Realto1 then tells us that there are lots of foods that can be classed a gungey as he says: “There’s a range of different substances people like you play in. it can be anything from savoury foods like beans, then custard, creams and jellies that are more fun and colourful.”

The reason they play in it you ask? Well 1982Jay tells us: “Its about pouring it over each other in a dom-sub kind of fashion or asking questions and if they get them right/wrong they get gunged. Then it ends in a free-for-all where everyone gets covered.”

Watch the mini-documentary here:


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