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Pokémon Go praised for using genderless avatars

By Josh Lee

Pokémon Go

, the new augmented reality mobile game from Nintendo that is fast becoming a new worldwide craze, has been praised for using genderless avatars.

Players are asked to give their Pokémon Go avatar a ‘style’ at the start of the game. Unlike the game’s predecessors, right from Pokemon Red and Blue in 1996 to Pokemon X and Y in 2013, the mobile game no longer forces you to say whether you’re a boy or girl, meaning non-binary players no longer have to pick a gender that doesn’t match their own.

he move come after numerous petitions to Nintendo asking for future Pokémon games to acknowledge non-binary fans.

This will all no doubt be to the dismay of the US Christian fundamentalist church the Credo Dollar Ministry, which last year accused Pokémon of turning children gay.

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