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Marvel’s Loki confirmed as gender-fluid in new teaser for Disney+ TV series

Tom Hiddleston's MCU antagonist has had their gender confirmed ahead of the spin-off's launch this Wednesday 9 June.

By Jamie Tabberer

Words: Jamie Tabberer; picture: Disney+

Loki, the titular character of the new Disney+ TV series, has been confirmed as gender-fluid in a new promo clip.

In footage uploaded online this week, paperwork from the Time Variance Authority – a mysterious organisation that monitors various timelines in the Marvel multiverse – lists the character’s sex as ‘fluid’.

As in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films, Loki will be played by Kong: Skull Island actor Tom Hiddlestone in the new Disney+ spin-off, which also co-stars the likes of Owen Wilson, Sasha Lane, and Richard E. Grant.

“You’ve just arrived at the TVA”

The clip was shared on Sunday with the accompanying caption: “POV: You’ve just arrived at the TVA 🕰 Marvel Studios’ #Loki starts streaming Wednesday on @DisneyPlus.”

As per Marvel Comics, the character is indeed canonically gender-fluid; in Original Sin #5.5, Loki is called “my son and my daughter, and my child who is both” by Odin.

Loki’s gender identity confirmation follows the “queer” Artie in the new 101 Dalmations prequel Cruella – described as such by actor John McCrea in a recent interview with Attitude.

The six-episode first season of Loki drops on 9 June 2021, with a second season already in development.

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