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Man admits he thinks his brother is hotter than his boyfriend on ‘Your Face or Mine’ – WATCH

By Will Stroude

It’s the question we’ve all asked ourselves, right? Is my romantic partner more or less attractive than my closest blood relatives?

Erm, maybe not.

Unfortunately, that was the exact query one contestant on Comedy Central’s Your Face or Mine was left asking himself during a recent episode of the comedy game show, in which couples are forced to compare their looks with other people’s – and ultimately with each other’s – in an attempt to win money.

26-year-old Callum was appearing on the show alongside his boyfriend Ashley, 20, when hosts Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan surprised the pair by bringing out Callum’s brother Jack.

After reminiscing about the time Jack was accidentally sent naked pictures of his brother (yep, we have no idea either), Callum was given the chance to double his prize money to £1600 if he correctly guessed who the studio audience had voted more attractive out of his boyfriend and sibling.

You see where this is headed, right?

Yep, Callum deemed his own brother hotter than his boyfriend (a little too quickly, we’d say) – and you won’t be surprised to know things all got a little bit awkward after that.

It’s safe to say Callum will be sleeping on the sofa for the forseeable, but did he at least guess the audience’s response correctly? You’ll have to watch on to find out…

Your Face or Mine airs Wednesdays at 8pm on Comedy Central.

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