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Madonna celebrates life and sisterhood in stunning ‘Batuka’ video – WATCH

The Queen of Pop has unveiled the sixth video from 'Madame X'.

By Will Stroude

Madonna is keeping Madame X’s visual delights coming with the empowering new video for ‘Batuka’.

Shot off the coast of Lisbon, where much of Madonna’s 14th studio album was recorded, the Emmanuel Adjei-directed ‘Batuka’ video sees the singer celebrate Batuque, a style of music created by the women that originated from Cape Verde.

 Condemned by the church for what was considered an act of rebellion, the female slaves were then forbidden to drum. But the inspiring and powerful women continued their singing and dancing, and the Batuque lives on today.

The video for ‘Batuka’ features the all-female Orquestra Batukadeiras who also feature on the song itself – a collaboration that came out of a chance meeting during the recording of Madame X.


“We went to a tiny club in the middle of nowhere and a circle of women were sitting in chairs playing leather drums,” Madonna recalls “The music started and they all took turns singing solos in Creole and dancing. It was so inspiring that I asked if possible, to collaborate with them.

“They agreed and we ended up in the studio recording ‘Batuka,’ this call-and-response song, live.”

She adds: “It was a religious experience, just a total celebration of life.”

Watch the video for Madonna’s ‘Batuka’ below: