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JayJay Revlon talks voguing and celebrating queer art ahead of London Ball Remix event

By Ross Semple

JayJay Revlon is one of the most prominent members of the London voguing scene. You may recognise JayJay from a viral video of him voguing at the Orlando vigil last year.

JayJay will be at the London Ball Remix event this Friday (June 23), an event that pays a royal tribute to the icons, legends and pioneers of London fashion, culture and decadence.

We spoke to JayJay about his relationship with voguing, and the need for the continuing prominence of queer art forms.

Who taught you to vogue?
It started with YouTube really, when it was starting out and then I did workshops with various people from the U.S and Europe in different styles of voguing.

What songs are your favourites to vogue to?
Anything QweenBeat. The producers from the label are amazing, also elitebeat and more. Anything produced from and for the ballroom community.

Do you teach vogue?
Yes I do, every Sunday unless I have a gig. Message me if you wanna know more. It’s open to all levels and styles.

Your voguing turned heads at the Orlando vigil last year. Do you think tragedies like Orlando reinforce the need for queer art forms like voguing?
It does for me. I thought it was really important  and it teaches us a lot about being inclusive and being one in our community. It’s important to give the respect of the art form also it’s a history not just another dance style to be reinforced.

What are your favourite clubs/clubnights?
To be honest I don’t have a favourite. I go to wherever I feel welcome, and if I don’t I won’t return.

What kind of events do you organize?

I organise vogue balls and club nights that cater to the ballroom community and friends. You can find the info on my social platforms.

Most people have only heard of balls in the US. What is the UK ball scene like?
Well i can’t speak for the UK but London we follow the same rules of the US with a London twist. It’s the same energy and incisiveness.

What is the future of voguing?
I can’t answer that we have to just see but come to the ball on Friday and get your dose and you tell me how you see the future of voguing.

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