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Heartstopper soundtrack boosts sales for featured artists including Baby Queen and Chvrches

Following the queer YA drama’s success, Baby Queen, Orla Gartland, and Chvrches’ are seeing big increases in sales and streaming figures

By Emily Maskell

Words: Emily Maskell; pictures: Netflix

The love for Heartstopper just keeps on coming! The YA teenage drama has been widely praised by fans and critics alike and now the show’s soundtrack is feeling the love.  

The​​ Official Charts Company has reported that several tracks from alternative and indie singer-songwriters featured in the Netflix hit show are experiencing a second wave of success and a boost in sales following Heartstopper’s release.

You can find a list of every track used in the show here.

“it’s been so fun to see this song grow new wings”

Baby Queen’s ‘Colours of You’, an original song written for the show, has garnered over one million Spotify plays since its release alongside the Netflix show. Baby Queen’s bop ‘Dover Beach’ received a 427 percent surge in chart sales from the previous week, but it’s ‘Want Me’ that saw the largest change with a 553 percent increase.

On Instagram, Baby Queen shared a series of photos with the caption “thank you ❤️🌈🍂” 

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Following its appearance in the emotionally charged scene of Nick seeing his results of an ‘am i gay?’ Buzzfeed-style online quiz, Orla Gartland’s 2019 track ‘Why Am I Like This?’ has had its biggest week ever on the Official Charts. 

Reacting to the news, Gartland tweeted: “3 years on still wondering WHY AM I LIKE THIS? it’s been so fun to see this song grow new wings after appearing in episode 2 of Heartstopper.” 

Chvrches’ song ‘Clearest Blue’ – the third single from the Scottish synth-pop trio’s 2015 second studio album Every Open Eye – also rose to 522 percent in sales. The synth-pop bop is featured in episode 3 of Heartstopper as Tara (Corinna Brown) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell) share a rainbow-lit kiss on the dancefloor.

Chvrches’ band member Martin Doherty was overjoyed at ‘Clearest Blue’ appearing in the show.

“OH MY GOD. i’ve just seen the use of Clearest Blue in Heartstopper. it was so fucking beautiful and perfect i could have died. To the person who put us in the show, whoever you are… 1000x thank you,” he tweeted. 

On Spotify, the 33 song playlist ‘Heartopper: The Official Mixtape,’ created by Netflix, has over 174,000 likes as of today (3 May).

We will have to wait until Friday to see where Heartstopper-featured tracks fall on the Official Chart, but as the adoration for Heartstopper continues it’s not outlandish to believe these songs can continue climbing the charts.

Check out the mixtape below:

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