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Happy birthday Beyoncé! Ten times she ran the world

By Ross Semple

It’s Beyoncé’s 36th birthday today – not like we needed much of an excuse to look back at some of our favourite moments from the Destiny’s Child diva turned solo queen. Beyoncé at her best, her funniest, her silliest – or those moments that make us wonder “Is she even a human?” (see number four).

1. “Any questions?”

Remember when people accused Beyoncé of miming the national anthem, intimating she was basically a crap singer? Remember how she then opened her press conference by singing a jaw-dropping acapella rendition of said anthem? Remember how she followed that up with the most perfect question to the assembled press:



2. “You are Beyoncé…” “THANK YOU.”

Bey knows what’s up – if someone identifies you as Beyoncé, you THANK THEM FOR THIS STUNNING COMPLIMENT.

3. THAT strut in Crazy In Love.


Come on, you’ve practiced it at home in front of the mirror.

4. That time she got her hair caught in a fan and continued singing flawlessly despite the very real threat of scalping:

FACT: If we were Beyoncé and this happened to us, we’d cancel the concert, hide in our room and never come out again.

5. She lets even her less talented fans have a go at singing:

This girl is all of us. Je Suis Terrible Halo Girl.

6. That time she revealed her pregnancy to the world via the medium of awards show performance:



7. When she used another awards show performance to get all up in Mr Shue from Glee’s face. Good girl, Bey. That guy’s a dweeb.


8. Her shady antics back in the early days of Destiny’s Child – don’t ever try and call yourself the ‘second lead vocalist’ again, Kelly:

9. When she released Lemonade and left every other musical project ever created in the dust behind her

10. When she announced her pregnancy and broke the internet

It’s still the most liked image on Instagram. Queen of pregnancy.

Happy B-day, Bey.