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Game of Thrones producer’s wife told him: “Keep Jon Snow alive or turn gay”

By Fabio Crispim

Actress Amanda Peet, wife of Game of Thrones producer David Benioff, has revealed her threat to him over the fate of Jon Snow.

Played by Kit Harington, the popular character Jon Snow was last seen bleeding to death after being betrayed by the Night’s Watch.

His fate has been unclear so far and the show is due to head into it’s sixth season next month. Harrington and fellow cast members insist that Snow is dead.


Peet, appearing on Conan, explained that she watches the show with the wife of Thrones’ co-creator DB Weiss, Andrea Troyer.

Game of Thrones Ultimatem

She said, “We don’t look ahead… we don’t read scripts so we’re just fans like everybody else. We watch the show like normal civilians.”

“But I started hearing ‘is something going to happen to Jon Snow?’

“I had many conversations with David where I said, ‘if you do that I’m literally not going to be here the next day! I will pack my bags and leave because I love Jon Snow! You can’t take him away because it’s just cheap and dumb!”

“He said ‘don’t worry, I promise don’t worry’… and two weeks later [Jon Snow] was dead.”

“He faked me out – that’s what I’m dealing with in my marriage!”

After watching the final episode she and Andrea staged an intervention. “We said you better find a way to bring him back, I don’t care what it takes, or else you can be gay with each other!”

You can watch the Game of Thrones season premier April 24.