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Dale Winton comes out as a Donald Trump supporter

By Fabio Crispim

Dale Winton has revealed the surprising news that he’s a supporter of Donald Trump.

The veteran BBC presenter decided it was time to ‘come out’ as a Trump supporter in an opinion piece for right-wing website Conservative Woman, in which he explains how he “felt compassion” for the US Republican presidential hopeful, The Mirror reports.

“This is my coming out article,” the 61-year-old writes. “I confess I’ve been a closet fan of American politics for the past six years.”

Winton says that when Trump announced his run for the Republican presidential nomination last year his “jaw hit the floor.”

“As one who has spent his entire professional life being ridiculed for my ‘fluorescent tanned complexion’ I felt compassion for the man before he even uttered a single word,” he says.

As well as voicing his personal dislike of “left-wing bullies” and the Obama adminstration, Winton explains the qualities that have led to him throwing his support behind the billionaire businessman, saying: “His attack on political correctness is reason enough, but that’s still not it. He’s fearless and he promises to make his followers safe and prosperous.”

Branding Trump as “authentic” and “different” from the other politicians, Winton says the the former Apprentice USA host “loves his country and he’ll do his best to protect it from anyone who threatens its constitution.”

He adds: “For sure he’s unruly, coarse and extreme, but he’s got a rare quality for someone in politics. He is truly authentic.”

If that isn’t enough unnerving Trump news for you, today also brought with it the terrifying announcement that a gay porn parody about the US presidential hopeful is currently in the works.

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