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Cynthia Nixon on correcting Sex and the City’s mistakes with And Just Like That…

"‘As wonderful as [SATC] is, to do that show right now would be incredibly tone-deaf"

By Alastair James

Words: Alastair James; pictures: YouTube/The View

Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon has revealed that she was “reluctant” about rebooting the franchise with And Just Like That… but signed onto the project when her concerns about correcting some of the original series’ missteps were allayed. 

The actress, who played Miranda Hobbes on the HBO series, recently returned to the role along with her fellow original co-stars Sarah Jessica Parker and Kristin Davis. Their former co-star, Kim Cattrall, has famously not returned for the show’s reboot.

Following the release of the first two episodes of And Just Like That…, Cynthia opened up about her fears for the reboot and what mistakes the show had to correct if it was going to work.

“I was very reluctant at first”

In an interview with Elle UK, Cynthia says making up for storylines and jokes that would now be considered gauche, such as claiming a bisexual man is actually just a closeted gay, was a big reason for joining the reboot.

“I was nervous about the whole thing. I was very reluctant at first. I said I probably wasn’t going to sign back on because I felt like there would have to be a sea change to happen to make this show – the show we would want it to be in 2021 and beyond,” she told the magazine. 

Continuing, she said: “As wonderful as [SATC] is, to do that show right now would be incredibly tone-deaf,” and that any fears she had about the show were allayed.

Commenting on the greater inclusivity of the show, including non-binary characters, Cynthia said it’s “breath-taking”. On SATC‘s LGBTQ representation she added, “We had gay characters but a lot of the LGBT stuff in it was purely for comedic effect – and now rings harsh on the ear, I have to say.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Cynthia touches upon the notable absence of Cattrall, who’s been embroiled in something of a feud with Parker for some time, and how it is dealt with in the show (no spoilers here!)

But what she does say is: “There’s what you tell casual acquaintances is the situation, and then when you’re left alone and discuss it amongst yourselves, we get to a deeper level of sadness and confusion about it,” which we imagine has some truth in the real world, as well as the world of the show. 

And Just Like That… is out on NOW TV and Sky now.

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