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Britney Spears’ new single and video ‘Make Me (Ooh)’ leaks online

By Will Stroude

After weeks of delays, the video and audio for Britney Spears brand new single ‘Make Me (Ooh)’ has begun to leak online.

The first single from Brit’s upcoming ninth studio album has been teased for weeks now, and the singer herself even teased the video shoot last month with an Instagram snap of a lot of hunky dancers, who can been seen once again in some of the leaked footage, which has been viewed by Perez Hilton.

Promising not to republish the leaked video as he “doesn’t want to get sued again”, the celebrity gossip blogger has published a video giving his take on Britney’s eagerly-anticipated comeback. a

The good news? According to Hilton, “the song is a smash. It’s an undeniable hit.”

As well as sharing a couple of seconds of video, Hilton confirms that ‘Make Me (Ooh)’ is a “mid-tempo jam” and that it’s seemingly been influenced by the sound of Selena Gomez’s Revival album, which became one of the surprise critical hits of 2015.

“Sonically… Selena Gomez’s impact is real…” Hilton says, adding there are “touches of the production on Justin Bieber’s new album. ”

As for the video itself?

“Not tonnes of choreography… there’s some movement. But whatever, she looks hot as f**k”.

We couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Watch Perez’s take on ‘Make Me (Ooh)’, featuring a snippet of the footage, below:

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