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Batman v Superman review: Does it live up to the hype?

By Attitude Magazine

Three years after Henry Cavill landed on our screens as Superman, in Zack Snyder’s reboot, the man of steel himself faces his biggest challenge yet, not only with first coming into contact with his biggest nemesis, Lex Luthor (Eisenberg), but also with another of cinema’s most iconic superheroes, Batman.

If you’re expecting the similar chirpy tone to Marvel’s Avengers, with fast paced action peppered with snappy one-liners, you’re here for the wrong film. Snyder’s vision takes our heroes down a much darker and more sombre path. The straight-faced tone won’t please everyone, but the way that this film effortlessly merges the stylistically distinct worlds of Superman’s sunny Metropolis and Batman’s shadowed Gotham is quite striking. The world Snyder has created is precise and unapologetic.

At 2 hours and 33 minutes in length, the plot has some clear pacing issues. Too many ideas, whilst not enough happening. A cleaner edit, letting go of a good 30 minutes of the meandering storytelling would have made for a much sharper and thoroughly enjoyable watch, as we’re made to go back and forth on the over-complicated plot for far too long before anything happens.

With his broad, muscular physique and old Hollywood looks, Henry Cavill fits the suit perfectly. Yet, on an emotional level, Superman’s translation onto the screen always feels a little empty, and it’s no different here, Cavill instead shines in his brief moments as his not so invincible alter-ego, Clark Kent.Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.19.42 PM

Ben Affleck taking on the role Batman was a talking point ever since it was first announced, with fans doubting his ability to take on the challenge of portraying the caped crusader. But while his performance doesn’t outmatch Christian Bale’s in the recent Nolan trilogy, we could still get used to Affleck as Batman, as he shows enough brooding passion to keep us convinced.Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.26.09 PM

Though a heavy CGI affair, when we do eventually do get to the final act, the ambitious, colourful and thrilling climax makes up for the rest of the film’s plodding script. Gal Gadot soars, as for an action film with two such iconic characters in the title, the thunder is so quickly stolen by Wonder Woman, her spectacular entrance is met by rapturous applause and is reason alone to see the film.

Batman V Superman may not feel as focused in its story as it could have been, but if you remember that you’re here to watch two superheroes punching each other, you’ll be hard-pressed not to have a good time. With the Justice League films on the way as well as the Suicide Squad, there’s still a feeling the franchise is gearing up for bigger and better things. And let’s face it, what we’re all really waiting for now, is the Wonder Woman film.

Rating: 3/5

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits cinemas tomorrow (March 25)

Words: Joe Passmore

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