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Unicorns star Ben Hardy reacts to Attitude cover 10 years later: ‘I was flexing the muscles!’

Exclusive: "I was rocking around in my little trunks!" recalls the star as he chats to Attitude about his new film Unicorns

By Jamie Tabberer

Ben Hardy in his 2014 Attitude cover shoot
Ben Hardy in his 2014 Attitude cover shoot (Images: Attitude)

Ben Hardy has reflected on his first Attitude cover moment a decade after the event – with his Unicorns co-star Jason Patel declaring: “You’re such a hottie!”

He’s barely changed in 10 years, to be fair!

The actors caught up with Attitude last week to discuss their new movie Unicorns – about the romance between a single father mechanic and a British-Indian drag queen – but we couldn’t resist reminding Hardy of his swimwear-inspired photoshoot from 2014.

“I knew it was coming up, so I laid off the Minstrels!” – Ben Hardy

“I remember a lot of playing around in the pool, having a good time,” recalled Hardy of his feature. “It was a fun shoot. We had the whole pool and outside area. I was rocking around in my little trunks, going for a James Dean quiff.”

Hardy, who appeared on our cover again in 2017, continued: “I knew it was coming up, so I laid off the Minstrels and the popcorn! Get the abs out! I was having a good time flexing the muscles.”

Known in 2014 for his role in British soap EastEnders, the 33-year-old has since landed film roles in Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody and 2023’s Love At First Sight.

As he celebrates the release of his latest film, Attitude reminded Hardy of something he said in his old cover interview.

Ben Hardy in a swimming pool

“When only 8% of actors are in work, you can’t really afford to turn anything down. But if I could have anything I wanted, I’d love to do a film,” he told us.

“This is so wild!” said Jason, reacting to the quote. “A 360 moment. Love it.”

Unicorns is screening at UK cinemas now.