Furry influencer Cameron Bess becomes first out pansexual person in space: 'It was amazing'

MeepsKitten - also known as Cameron Bess - entered suborbital space via Jeff Bezos' Blue Origin on Saturday


Words: Jamie Tabberer; pictures: @MeepsKitten

Cameron Bess has become the first publicly pansexual person to enter suborbital space. 

The astronaut, known online as @MeepsKitten, was launched into space for around 11 minutes aboard the Blue Origin on Saturday (11 December 2021).

Blue Origin, is an American privately-funded aerospace manufacturer and sub-orbital spaceflight services company founded by Amazon's Jeff Bezos.

Twitch streamer Bess, who goes by he/she/they pronouns, was one of six astronauts on the New Shepard rocket.

"Have a meowdy from space"

Bess shared a video of themselves in zero gravity flashing the word 'meowdy' on their hand, saying in an accompanying tweet: "It was amazing. Have a meowdy from space."

Venture capitalist, tech executive Lane Bess, who is Cameron's father, was also on the flight, making them the first parent and child in space together.

Bess previously told Xtra via email of their father: “He grew up launching model rockets, and when I was a kid, he would do the same with me.

"When he was offered the opportunity to fulfill that dream with Blue Origin, he decided he wanted to bring me along. So in simple terms: I have a really great dad.”

Bess, who performs in a blue and purple fursuit when MeepsKitten, planned to take one paw on board, adding: “I know many people have told me it means a lot to see a pansexuality Pride flag in space. I’m just happy to provide visibility.”