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The perfect Vifit for your training

By Will Stroude

Whether you prefer to train solo or with a partner, say hello to your new teammates: Vifit Sport’s high-protein recovery products.

Vifit’s unique range of powders, bars and drinks are specially formulated, based on extensive research to ensure they provide the optimal levels of protein to help you recover after intense exercise — whatever your sport.

We’ve all been there: pushing that little bit harder to get that elusive 10km personal best, digging deep to make that final length in the pool or gripping the bike handlebars as that mammoth hill starts to level out. These are all small victories, and make us feel accomplished – but they also put stress on our bodies and make small tears in our muscles. That’s a normal part of training, but we need to make sure that we are taking the proper steps to recover in between sessions.

As your partner in progress, Vifit Sport knows that keen sportsmen need to rest confident that the next time they head out to exercise, their bodies are prepared to go further, faster, longer.

Vifit Sport’s three product formats (powder, bar or drink) each come in a choice of three different flavours — from peach yoghurt and banana honey to strawberry goji and guarana – and deliver a 20g whey and casein protein hit to support your muscles as they repair and develop.

Taking in 20g of protein within the first 30 minutes following exercise has been shown to give the best chance of a fast recovery, and with Vifit’s policy of creating naturally flavoured products without any artificial colourings, preservatives or sweeteners, you know exactly what’s in your recovery.

Whether you’re an elite athlete training daily or just starting out and wanting to see improvement, and whether your training takes you across land or water, or just across the road to the gym, Vifit Sport makes it easy to get all the recovery support so that you can start to feel fitter, faster and stronger – in both body and mind.

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