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Protein meets coconut water: USN’s refreshing new supplement range

By Attitude Magazine


If you’re one of the millions to have developed a coconut water love affair recently, then thought of added protein to nature’s recovery drink should really get you excited. Delivering 19.5g of high quality Protein, ISOCO is a ready-to-drink coconut water available in three exotic flavours; Grapefruit-Orange, Strawberry-Banana and Mango-Pineapple.

A very large composite of the human body is made-up of water, but a lot of these fluids are lost during your hard workouts and even day-to-day routines. ISOCO delivers a low-fat and low-sugar solution that could replenish nutrients lost, by drawing from the hydration benefits of coconuts. ISOCO may be the match made in heaven for coconut and Protein lovers alike.


Where’s the Beach?

Watch out for ISOCO beach washing-up on the shores around the UK during February, as USN brings the beach to you, offering exclusive opportunities to try the new ISOCO. See image for more details and keep your eyes peeled, as summer comes early this year…


Whey Wafer

Bringing you a delicious, guilt-free snack alternative, the Whey Wafer could be the answer to those midday sugar cravings. Consisting of 41% protein, the Whey Wafer is available in two delightful new flavours; Yoghurt and Vanilla, meaning muscular maintenance may never have tasted so good.

In order to effectively Refuel and Repair from your resistance training, it could be beneficial to maintain a steady flow of nutrients throughout the day. Your nutritional efforts don’t have to be exclusively before and after your workout. The new Whey Wafer may provide the extra nutrition you need to achieve your fitness goals, offering a quick, high-protein alternative to the conventional chocolate bar.

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