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Do you know about manhood-bending disease that will affect one in ten men in their lifetime?

By Joshua Haigh


The male body has been a hot topic around the Attitude office lately, especially with the publication of the Body Issue a few months back.

One part of the male body that always incites interest is our sexual organs, but the truth is that the correct functioning – or lack thereof – of the penis is often “swept under the carpet,” or ignored until that unfortunate moment when someone else notices.

But this really doesn’t have to be the case, and clinics like International Andrology London are changing the way men look after and treat their ‘special friends’.

Peyronie’s Disease – what is it?

Peyronie’s is a curvature disease that leads to the formation of scar tissue plaque on your penis. It affects around 9% of the male population and can appear at any age, although the prevalence is higher in men older than 35 years of age.

In most cases, men suffering from Peyronie’s disease will notice a lump on their penis and/or that their penis is curved when erect.

The most common symptoms are summarised below:

  • Lump on the penis
  • Penile curvature sometimes as severe as 90 degrees
  • Penile pain
  • Loss of erect penis length and girth
  • Onset of erectile dysfunction

Whether any of the above symptoms are present depends entirely on the size, shape and location of scar tissue plaque. Some patients with very large plaque-affected areas may have no symptoms at all, while others with very small affected areas may develop severe symptoms.

Unfortunately, most patients suffering from Peyronie’s report that the disease has a significant impact on their quality of life and 1 in 2 patients report severe psychological distress and even depression.

What can you do about it?

Well it’s time to think about taking a Male MOT. In a survey conducted for Attitude, 49% of readers said they were unhappy with their body and 84% felt pressure to improve their physique.

This is not just your pecs, its your private parts and organs that we so love. Talking about and understanding these sexual issues that have been kept under the covers for so long, so to speak, is the first step to treating and improving these areas and reducing the collective shame we feel towards our bodies, especially when they don’t work as well as we would like.

Women are taught to visit gynaecologists once they reach the age of puberty and there is no reason men can’t take the same step, meet an Andrologist and really understand what their body is going through, to make sure those little aches and pains or that chance situation when your best bodily friend doesn’t stand to attention when you want it to, is not going to be a problem for the rest of your life.

Remember, these situations are an indication that there are bigger issues in play so forget your bodily shame and go get checked out.

Peyronie’s disease is just one of the many male sexual health issues that International Androlgoy London can help you with. Learn more about these issues such as Erectile Dysfunction, Penile Enlargement and Peyronie’s Disease at International Andrology London.