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Do men take more gym selfies than women?

By Ross Semple

Gym selfies are almost twice as popular among men as women, apparently.

Research by PureGym showed that 60% of all selfies shared on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #gymselfie were taken by men in December 2016.

Interestingly, those aged 35 and over were most likely to share a gym selfie, with 70% of all of the mentions coming from this group. Those in the 18-24 age bracket were least likely to upload a #gymselfie.

The hashtag was used almost 130,000 times throughout the month in the UK.

Those in Manchester and Cardiff were most likely to share their gym progress with their followers. Adjusted for population, the data shows that those in Manchester are twice as motivated to share than any city in the UK.

Gym-goers in the north of Scotland showed the most positive attitude towards going to the gym, with 65% of posts from the region reflecting positivity.

Sam Weston, Social Media Manager at PureGym said: “The fact that so many men feel confident enough to share selfies and post-workout pictures on social media is definitely a sign that they’re proud of the hard work they’ve been putting in. It’s great to see both men and women feeling motivated and sharing their fitness journey with friends, family and followers.”

What do you think of the results? Surprised?

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