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David Beckham speaks to Attitude

By Joseph Kocharian

For this month’s issue, we got to meet the British icon that is David Beckham. Atttitude’s fashion team got summoned to Beck’s office, not for a telling off, but to discuss all things Brand Beckham. his fragrance Instinct launched 10 years ago and is still going strong, 10 million bottles (and 6 limited editions) later. To celebrate,  introduced David Beckham Instinct Gold Edition – which re-invents the infamous fragrance – is available exclusively at Superdrug.

The full interview is in this month’s issue available in shops now, and also on tablet format, but here are a few highlights:


Attitude’s Joseph Kocharian meets David Beckham in his Becks study.

About your tattoos- have you ever had any negative reactions or have they stopped you doing anything professionally? 

No luckily! They have never ever stopped me professionally-  I have been very lucky on that side of things, obviously we have had to do things slightly different in certain territories, as tattoos in some parts of the world are kind of tricky. Obviously,  I have quite a few now, but i kind of look at it similar to the fragrance – it’s memories and it takes you back to certain times.

I think the most negative reaction was probably the one on the back of my neck, as when I first had it done it was really dark. People obviously didn’t know when I was having it done and when I turned up at Real Madrid training and everyone was like ‘What’s he had done on his neck, and how could he?!’ So that was probably the only negative reaction I have had to any of them, but my comment about tattoos is: Be sure and don’t do it when you’ve got a little bit of alcohol in you, because you’ll never know what you’re going to have done! But every one of mine has a reason, either family-related, work-related, friends-related.

Are you excited about turning 40? 

I am! I’m excited about it. I don’t think about age, it’s just a different phase of my life. I retired from playing two years ago and now I’m onto something else on the business side of things and it’s just a different phase of my life and I’m hoping that it’s going to be kept quite simple… a nice quiet dinner, but you never know! I don’t want a big party, i just want to have dinner with family, friends and just do it quietly.

How are you ageing so well? 

Actually the other day I had stopped to get a snack for the kids. I had a cap on and i didn’t think anyone would recognise me, and this guy was like ‘Is that you David? You look really old!’ (laughs) So that was a little bit harsh! But we laughed about it after. But I don’t know, having four kids ages you at times. Definitely having a daughter, not ages me but… the worry of a daughter is definitely different. I suppose having four kids, doing everything I do with them, I’m very hands on, so that keeps me young – slightly tired at times but they are my life. It’s my biggest achievement in my life, and in my career.  To have the family that I have, to have the children that I have, well-mannered children, that’s my biggest achievement.




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