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Attitude’s ‘Buddy Brilliant’ – Would you pass this friendship test?

By Ross Semple

In a celebration of gay friendship, in our latest issue we ask best mates some telling questions and find out just how well they really know each other.

Londoners Ed and Richard met at school, aged 11. Thirty years later, they are still as close as ever, culminating in Richard being a witness at Ed’s civil partnership ceremony.

Over the years they’ve shared their passion for opera and theatre and have travelled all over the world. But will they pass our test?

Who is his favourite diva?

E on R: Dolly Parton CORRECT!

R on E: Montserrat Caballé CORRECT!

What song does he play too much before a night out?

E on R: Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 CORRECT!

R on E: Ed’s partner plays the music at pre-drinks Correct! (sort of)

What do you disagree on most?

E on R: Taste in men CORRECT!

R on E: Who’s hot and who’s not CORRECT!

What would be his dream job?

E on R: Probably pretty much what he is now WRONG! Travel writer

R on E: Opera director CORRECT!

What is his secret geeky pleasure?

E on R: Travel guides, three or four for any one destination CORRECT!

R on E: Planes CORRECT!

What’s his biggest pet peeve?

E on R: Dusting WRONG! Having to wait to get served at the bar

R on E: Answer: People who moan about being tired WRONG! Bad manners

What’s his middle name?

E on R: Francis CORRECT!

R on E: He has two: Antony John CORRECT!

Where’s he most likely to be on a Saturday night?

E on R: On a night bus WRONG! Down the pub

R on E: Opera then cocktails CORRECT!

Would you like to take part in Buddy Brilliant? Email

The June issue of Attitude is out now. Buy in printsubscribe or download. You can see all 100 of Attitude’s Bachelors of the Year here.

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