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The 204mph skin regime as Attitude meets new McLaren 600lt

£185,500 supercar has a vanity mirror as standard, so that needs testing…

By Steve Brown

Good skin. It matters, and you can’t leave these things to chance.

So when McLaren comes calling with an invitation to drive the all-new 600LT supercar at Budapest’s famed Grand Prix Hungaroring circuit – where the Formula One circus was in town just a few short weeks ago – there were some practicalities to consider.

Nearly 204mph all out? That’s cool. 0-60mph In 2.9 seconds? Sensational. And fire from the exhausts? Nice. But does it have a vanity mirror?

It does! Then we shall begin. Was it, Attitude’s Tom Tillmon wondered, possible to work through an eight-step facial regime at track speeds?

Former British GT champion Brad Ellis took the wheel, our intrepid reporter the expensively-upholstered passenger seat, the lovely PR man Googled ‘how to remove toner from a headlining’.

It’s the oddest skin regime execution you’ll ever see…

Oh, and the car? Simply the most brilliant execution yet from the masters of the supercar art.

Fluid but fierce, composed yet occasionally angry, a technical tour de force that delivers power and glory in a fashion so accessible as to make heroes of us normal folk.

It might well be the best car McLaren has yet made.

Watch the video below:

More details can be found here.