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LGBT Foundation and DP Building Systems team up for special Pride-inspired USB fast charging cable

In partnership with DP Building Systems

By Steve Brown

To show their support for the LGBTQ community, Birmingham-based company DP Building Systems have teamed up with the LGBT Foundation and created a special Pride-inspired USB charging cable.

This rainbow ‘Equality Wins’ multi-connector cable features USB to Mini USB, Micro-USB, 8 pin, and USB-C charging, suitable for charging all your devices such as smartphones to cameras, video games consoles, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, MP3 players, e-readers and more

For every unit sold, £1 will go to LGBT Foundation, the national charity delivering advice, support and information services to LGBT communities.

This rainbow cable uses next generation fast charging technology enabling your devices to power up at a faster rate by supplying more electricity.

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The product came about after the inventor lost his friend to suicide after he struggled for years with issues related to his sexual orientation and his fears that he will ‘bring shame’ and be rejected by his family.

He said: “He is a great guy, and very much missed. I just wish he had the support of an organisation like LGBT Foundation. No one should feel that their own option is suicide.”

The LGBT Foundation celebrated its 45th anniversary and offers a lifeline to thousands of LGBTQ people who’ve had nowhere else to turn.

With your support they can be there for every single LGBT person who needs them.

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